5 Reasons To Become An Immigration Consultant NOW!

1. The Demand is HIGH

The need and demand for knowledgeable and trusted immigration professionals has never been higher in recent times.

Consider this; We have a new Presidential Administration enacting major changes to our immigration policies. This disruption is the cause of major concern and even fear in immigrant communities across the nation. Why not stand become part of the major movement in the increase of non-attorney immigration service providers and begin providing help and unity to your clients or community members.

2. It’s about “People Helping People”

Imagine helping good people with a variety of different services. From helping them with what may be one of their biggest dreams of becoming a United States citizen, to helping reunite families, to assisting our young “Dreamers” with their DACA status so that they may continue living and experiencing the American dream.

3. It’s Rewarding

So imagine that first client that you help transition from “Legal Permanent Resident Status”  to “American Citizenship”!!! What would that “feel” like for you?

If the answer is “it would feel pretty damn good”, then immigration consulting may just be the field for you.

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4. The Marketplace is Enormous

The marketplace for immigration services professionals is a multi-billion dollar industry. Did you know that just in the last three years, the submission of immigration applications has been surging?

Check out just one statistical fact on immigration applications: These stats come directly from www.uscis.gov

Immigration applications submitted to the USCIS within the last 3 years:

2015 – Over 7.2 million applications

2016 – Over 8 million applications

2017 – Over 8.5 million applications

2018 – Nearly 9 million applications 

How would you like to get some of this market share by HELPING your clients and community members with valuable and needed “non-legal” immigration services?

5. The opportunity to stand up for something you believe in

Immigration consulting offers you the opportunity to do what is right for immigrants in your community and neighborhoods. We are, after all, a country of immigrants from all over the globe. One of the many things that makes America great is our long and rich history of immigration, immigration which has shaped the America that we all live in.