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3 DaysApril 26, 27 & 28th, 2019

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Live Online Training Class

Starting a Successful Immigration Consulting Business

Three Day Training

Learn the Secrets to Expertly Complete Immigration Forms and Prepare a Submission Package According to USCIS Requirements.

You’ll Learn:
– The 14 most common forms offered by immigration consultants
– Visa’s, Status and Green Cards
– The Different types of immigration processes
– Client intake
– Eligibility
– Avoiding the unauthorized practice of law (UPL)
– Pricing services
– Proper form completion, assembly and submission to USCIS
– Advanced training on completing a Provisional Waiver – Form 601A
– Business development, how to acquire customers, introduction to digital marketing for your small business and much more. 


Registration: $1495
Tuition discount may be available.
Call for details: 855-558-8470

INSTRUCTORGreg McKewenBusiness Development

As Co-Founder and Director of Education of the LAIA, Greg has been teaching industry professionals for over 25 years. Since co-founding the LAIA, Greg has taught over 1,500 trusted community advisors such as tax and insurance professionals on how to start a successful immigration services business. Greg focuses his instruction on topics pertaining to business development, perfecting the multi-services model and the introduction to digital marketing for small business.

INSTRUCTORRenee FlowersImmigration Forms & Procedures

As one of LAIA'S lead immigration instructors, Renee teaches the "meat and potatoes" of proper immigration forms completion. Renee's is a Certified Paralegal specializing in Immigration Document Preparation and has personally assisted in the completion of over 2,000 immigration applications. Renee's experience has included serving as a full-time immigration paralegal for numerous prominent and high volume immigration law firms over the past 7 years. She is an expert instructor and content developer in the field of Immigration Document Preparation.

Class Agenda

Seminar Agenda: DAY 1 

  1. Overview of Immigration Legal Document Preparers (LDP)
    • What is Immigration?
    • What is an Immigration Consultant?
    • What are the Requirements to Become an Immigration LDP?
  2. Operating as an Immigration LDP
    • Why You Need a Contract
    • Issuing Receipts and Payment Plans
    • Recommended Posting of Signs/Notices
    • Advertising as an Immigration LDP
    • Bonding, Malpractice and Errors & Omissions Insurance
  3. Avoiding the Unauthorized Practice of Law in Florida
    • Review of Sperry v. Florida, 373 U.S. 379 (1963) as the Standard of UPL guidelines in FL
    • Civil Penalties
    • Criminal Penalties
    • Statute Of Limitations:
    • Identifying When Someone Needs To Consult With An Attorney
    • Assisting Your Client With Obtaining Legal Advice
  4. Visas, Green Cards And Status
    • Types Of Visas
    • Visa Versus Status
    • Admissibility And Inadmissibility To The United States
    • Nonimmigrant Visas
    • Types Of Nonimmigrant Visas
  5. Green Card Processes
    • Roles In The Green Card/Immigrant Visa Process
    • Green Cards/Immigrant Visas And Procedures
    • Adjustment Of Status
    • Consular Processing
    • Family Petition Processing Flow Chart – Immediate Relative Of USC
    • Why Does It Take So Long For Some Relatives To Be Able To Migrate To The U.S.?
    • Explanation of the Visa Bulletin
  6. Family Based Petitions
    • List Of Supporting Documents For Adjustment Of Status
    • Adjustment Of Status Forms
      • Form I-130, Petition For Alien Relative
      • Form I-130a, Supplemental Information For Spouse Beneficiary
      • Form I-485, Application To Register Permanent Residence Or Adjust Status
      • Form I-765, Application For Employment Authorization
      • Form I-131, Request For Travel Document (Advance Parole)
      • Form I-864, Affidavit Of Support
      • Form I-864a, Household Members Contract
      • Form I-693, Report Of Medical Examination And Vaccination Record
  7. Ar-11, Change Of Address
  8. Business Development
  9. Criminal Background Checks and FOIAS
  10. Offering Translation Services, Fingerprinting Services & Livescan where applicable
  11. Role Playing Sessions

Seminar Agenda: DAY 2

  1. Renewing or Replacing a Green Card
    • Form I-751, Petition to Remove the Conditions on Permanent Residence
    • Form I-90, Application to Replace Permanent Resident Card
  2. Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA or “Dream Act”)
    • Form I-821D, Consideration for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals
    • Eligibility for DACA
    • Supporting Documentation for DACA
    • Renewing DACA
  3. Citizenship
    • N-400, Application for Naturalization
    • Eligibility for Naturalization
    • Reduced Fee Request for N-400 Filing Fees
  4. Fee Waivers
    • Guidelines for Requesting Fee Waivers
  5. Submitting the Package to USCIS
    • Organizing the Package
    • Tips to Avoid Rejection
    • Using the Correct Forms
    • How to Use the USCIS Website
    • How to Write the Cover Letter
    • How to Organize the Table of Contents
    • Passport Photo Requirements
    • Filing Fee Requirements
  6. Consular Processing
    • Green Card Consular Processing
      • Steps to Complete
      • NVC Invoices
      • Paying the Fees
      • When to File the Unlawful Presence Waiver
      • Obtaining a Police Certificate from a Foreign Country
      • What Happens at the Interview
    • Non-Immigration Visa Consular Processing
      • When to File
      • Paying the Fees
      • What Happens at the Interview
  7. LAIA Membership Detail
  8. Certificates of Course Completion

Seminar Agenda: DAY 3 Morning


The Provisional Unauthorized Presence Waiver 

*This Advanced Immigration Training will help you by teaching you how to utilize the Provisional Unlawful Presence Waiver so that one can travel to their country of origin to process their green card and return immediately. These waivers are difficult to get approved and takes specialized training to ensure that they are done correctly. What is unlawful presence, Triggering the 3/10 year and permanent bar, Eligibility for a ULP waiver, Extreme Hardships, Evidence, the memo in support of Form- I-601A, Seeking legal advice and more. What is considered an unlawful presence What triggers the 3/10 year and permanent bar Who is eligible for the ULP waiver Extreme hardship cases Form- I-601A Seeking Legal Advice and more

Seminar Agenda: DAY 3 Afternoon


Menu of Services, Pricing of Services, Marketing, Action Items, Question & Answers Segment and More.

  • The Importance of Developing a Multi-Service Business Model
  • What Multi-Services can you be offering based upon your current services
  • Develop your “Menu” of Service
  • Developing your Digital Marketing, Email, Social Media and Community Outreach Strategies
  • Training Tutorial – Setting up your Email Marketing Program
  • Developing your 90-Day “Personal Strategic Plan” *This 3rd day of training is dedicated to taking your tax or insurance business to the next level by understanding the power and need for diversification. We will teach you the keys and strategies for bringing customers into your “Value Ladder” with the goal to increase your customer retention, while offering them key products and services that they need and want.

3 DaysMarch 15, 16 & 17, 2019

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