Starting a Successful Immigration Services Business

The demand for knowledgeable and trusted immigration professionals is higher than ever before.

In this comprehensive training webinar, you are going to learn the following:

- Why demand for immigration services is rising year after year
- How to make $200 to $750 per Immigration application
- The history and values of our Trade Association
- Who this training is for?
- The 5 distribution channels of the Immigration Services Industry
- What an Immigration Consultant can and cannot do
- State regulations for Immigration Consultants
- 13 Reasons to become an Immigration Consultant now
- How much demand is there for Immigration Services?
- How to become part of this multi-billion dollar a year industry
- Which forms you may offer as an Immigration Consultant
- Pricing examples of Immigration Consultants
- Earning potential for Immigration Consultants
and much, much more!

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